I never used a wading stick or as a friend calls them, "chicken stick" until I was in my 30s. The changing point was a particularly tricky wade across the river Spey one night, clutching a fresh run salmon in one hand and my rod in the other. Unbeknown to me the river had risen 6" which made the return journey, back to the home bank, tricky to say the least! You always know you're in trouble when the current is so strong your feet can't hold the bottom. The result ? One lost fish, rod and nearly life.

A wading stick is a third leg. It helps one's balance in rocky rivers and finds deep holes on one's wading line before you do! and of course you can use it as a brace against a strong current.

Sectional staff breaks down to fit into self-draining neoprene holster
Anodized aluminium shaft allows flex whilst maintaining strength
Top section constructed of super strength bar stock aluminium
Coated steel cable secures sections while in use
Integrated retractor allows hands free fishing while keeping wading staff at arms length
Comfortable grip with nylon wrist strap
Weight approx 18oz

Please note the Simms wading stick is not weighted.
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