I have stocked, sold, and used many Rio fly lines over the years.
The windcutter Spey tips line is perfect for the salmon angler who doesn't want the hassle or expense of multiple spools and lines.
The Rio midge tip, the perfect low water seatrout line for the fishing I do on the River Wear, and the Rio Gold is probably the slickest floating line I have ever used.

Rio have some of the best and most likeable fishing experts who design these lines, notably Brit, Simon Gawesworth.

Mainstream lines have shorter heads to optimize rod performance, supple self-lubricating coatings to improve casting distance and are memory-free in cold water.

A range of excellent value for money fly lines.

The Rio Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for freshwater fly fishing.The line features RIO's new XS Technology making the line extraordinarily slick and AgentX which makes the tip and running line float high.A welded front loop facilitates easy changing of leaders.


The In Touch Rio Gold introduces Connectcore - whos ultralow stretch technology provides groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift, and sharp precise mends.
Also, more sensitivity towards a subtle take, and faster reaction time when setting the hook.
A step further........

 RIO GOLD                                                IN TOUCH RIO GOLD
WF3    floating     £64.99                         
WF4     floating     £64.99                     £74.99
WF5     floating     £64.99                     £74.99
WF6     floating     £64.99                     £74.99
WF7     floating     £64.99                     £74.99
WF8     floating     £64.99                     £74.99
WF9     floating     £64.99                    
in moss/gold                                                 in moss/grey/gold


Perfect for fast action fly rods- a full line size heavier than the industry standard, with more weight distributed toward the front of the line to easily load fast action fly rods.
Excellent for roll casts in a tight spot!
Built with Maxcast technology, it floats like a dream, and allows  for greater distance when required.


As with the In Touch Rio Gold, the Connectcore feature provides a line with more sensitivity and less stretch than the basic Rio Grand line.
This, in addition to all the other attributes of the basic Rio Grand fly line is a superb piece of kit.

RIO GRAND                                                  IN TOUCH RIO GRAND 
WF5     floating     £64,99                        £74.99
WF6     floating     £64.99                        £74.99
WF7     floating     £65,99                        £74.99
WF8     floating     £64.99                        £74.99
green/yellow                                                 green/grey/yellow


The ultimate line for dry flies, emergers and subtle presentations. This softer line has a long , delicate front taper ensuring the softest of presentations - perfect for the dry fly ,spiders, emergers and small nymphs, while an extended body facilitates line stability at range and makes mending and roll casting easier.
This line is coated with AgentX which makes these incredibly high floating lines easy to lift off the water, and ensures they are totally memory free.
All lines have a welded loop on each end.
Dual tone for optimum ease of casting on the weight forward line.


 Floating  WF3     Camo/Beige   £64.99
 Floating  WF4     Camo/Beige   £64.99
 Floating  WF5     Camo/Beige   £64.99
 Floating  WF6     Camo/Beige   £64.99

Double Taper
Floating  DT2F     Sage      £64.99
Floating  DT3F     Sage      £64.99
Floating  DT4F     Sage      £64.99
Floating  DT5F     Sage     £64.99
Floating  DT6F     Sage     £64.99


All as above, but with ConnectCore technology.
Improves cast timing, hook setting, and mending.

Floating   WF3     Beige/Grey/Sage     £74.99
Floating   WF4     Beige/Grey/Sage     £74.99
Floating   WF5     Beige/Grey/Sage     £74.99
Floating   WF6     Beige/Grey/Sage     £74.99

Double Taper
Floating   DT3     Beige/Grey/Sage     £74.99
Floating   DT4     Beige/Grey/Sage     £74.99
Floating   DT5     Beige/Grey/Sage     £74.99
Floating   DT6     Beige/Grey/Sage     £74.99


The perfect line for fishing just sub-surface. A powerful, front loaded line that makes for easy casting and maximum distance.
A floating line with a 39" Aqualux intermediate sinking tip- perfect for fishing nymphs and emergers in the top 12" of the water column, and over weed beds. Rio has incorporated the unique XS Technology into the coating, resulting in a far slicker line for more distance.
A must have line for every keen sea trout fisherman!

Floating/intermediate     WF5          Yellow/clear     £64.99
Floating/intermediate     WF6          Yellow/clear     £64.99
Floating/intermediate     WF7          Yellow/clear     £64.99
Floating/intermediate     WF8          yellow/clear     £64.99

In Touch MIDGE TIP Long

Similar to the Midge Tip but with a 6ft.  Aqualux tip, and ConnectCore technology,producing an ultra sensitive low stretch line. The midge tip section anchors the line to fish slower.
A longer tip version of the famous Midge Tip, with the added benefit of ConnectCore technology.

Intermediate tip     WF5F/I          Camo Tip/Melon     £69.99
Intermediate tip     WF6F/I          Camo Tip/Melon     £69.99
Intermediate tip     WF7F/I          Camo Tip/Melon     £69.99
Intermediate tip     WF8F/I          Camo Tip/Melon     £69.99



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