HARDY Ultralite ASR

The latest addition to the range is the ASR(assisted spool release!) where you can change your spool at the flick of a switch. A brilliant concept, well made and comes with 2 spare spools and case.

Large arbor, fast retrieve, disc brake system.
Available in five sizes

4/5                          WF5+50                    £199.99
5/6                          WF6+50                    £229.99
6/7                          WF7+65                    £249.99
7/8                          WF8+100                 £269.99
9/10/11               WF12+150              £299.99
Spare spools for all sizes £9.99 each

Please phone or email for best price and availability
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HARDY Ultralite MADD

Trophy fish worldwide have one thing in common- they are unique, owing to their rarity.
A weak knot, a  sticky drag,  insufficient  backing, excessive alcohol;  these and many other things  can go wrong in pursuit of the fish of a lifetime!
This series of reels features a smooth 360 degree colour coded drag for effortless control, and a medium arbor spool designed for that extra bit of backing or maybe to hold  speciality fly line tapers for pike, salmon, tea trout or even switch style fishing.

Ultralite MADD- designed to go the distance.

Ultralite MA    3000      3/4/5          DT4+55             £229.00
Ultralite MA    5000      5/6/7          DT6+85             £249.00
Ultralite MA    6000      6/7/8          DT7+140          £279.00
Ultralite MA    8000      8/9/10       DT9+150          £309.00
Ultralite MA    10000  10/11/12  DT11+160       £339.00

Please phone or email for best price and availability.

HARDY Ultralite  CA DD

A very impressive ultra large, conical  arbor reel, which provides speedy pick up and retrieve, which combined  with easy to use 360 degree colour coded drag system for ultimate control, puts this reel a step ahead of many other reels.
Bring on the Screaming Reels!!
Available in Titanium and Black

Ultra smooth performance, ultra fast pickup, Ultralite by design.

Ultralite  CA DD 3000          WF4+45            £229.00
Ultralite  CA DD 4000          WF5+75            £229.00
Ultralite  CA DD 5000          WF6+80            £249.00
Ultralite  CA DD 6000          WF7+100         £249.00
Ultralite  CA DD 7000          WF8+115         £279.00
Ultralite  CA DD 8000          WF9+150         £279.00
Ultralite  CA DD 9000          WF10+150      £299.00
Ultralite  CA DD 10000       WF10+240      £299.00
Spare spools available

Please phone or email for best price and availability

Hardy Ultralite FWDD     NEW for 2017

This Featherweight Disc Drag series is a very pretty little reel featuring the incredible low weight of a click check with the super smooth drag performance and low start up inertia of a disc drag reel.
Sooooper smoooooth Rulon drag!

Ultralite FWDD     1000    1/2/3+33          £159.99
Ultralite FWDD     2000    2/3/4+40          £169.99
Ultralite FWDD     3000    3/4/5+45          £179.99
Ultralite FWDD     4000    4/5/6+75          £189.99

Please ring or email for price and availability


The latest revision in over a century of a classic fly reel -
the Perfect!
Still made in Alnwick.
Still that classic click.
Deep anodised for strength and durability; smooth gunmetal grey satin finish.
Easily  changed from left to right hand wind.

Perfect   2 7/8"      2/3/4          WF4+60          £429.00
Perfect   3 1/8"      4/5/6          WF6+53          £429.00
Perfect   3 3/8"      6/7/8          WF8+75          £449.00
Perfect   3 7/8"      7/8/9          WF9+155       £469.00
Perfect   4"               9/10/11    WF10+247    £499.00
Perfect   4 1/4"      11/12         WF12+265     £499.00
Spare spools   £79.00 to £99.00


This model, launched in 2013 to commemorate the reels 110th birthday is one of the best yet, with its rolling pillar, reversible click check, naval brass bush and spindle and its hand polished, deep anodised " pearl silver"  finish.
Made in Alnwick, this reel is " Classic Gentlemens Jewelry"!

Hardy Baby Bougle      1/2/3          DT2+25          £369.00
Hardy Bougle                   2/3/4         DT2+70          £379.00
Hardy Bougle                   3/4/5         DT4+100       £399.00
Hardy Bougle                   5/6/7         DT6+70          £429.00
Hardy Bougle                   9/10/11   DT10+225    £449.00
Spare spools from £89.00 to £129.00

Please contact us for price and availability.

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