Sharpe’s of Aberdeen Innovation Since 1920
The underlying principles of innovation, product quality and service are the cornerstone of Sharpe’s of Aberdeen, who can trace a history dating back to 1920 when J.S. Sharpe set up his tackle manufacturing business in John Street Aberdeen.

The company quickly established a reputation for quality and innovation in the design and manufacture of split cane rods for salmon and trout fishing, with the subsequent development of a comprehensive range of tackle, consumables and accessories.

In 1933 at the Milan exhibition Sharpe’s were awarded the Diploma and Gold medal for their impregnated split cane rods which had been developed in Aberdeen. Another development in the early days of Sharpe’s was the construction of the 7 section split cane rod which was thinner and lighter than the conventional 6 section rod.

During the Second World War Sharpe’s craftsmen made precision components for Spitfires but afterwards our highly skilled craftsmen were glad to returned to the production of high quality fishing tackle. Indeed, the post war period saw Sharpes products being promoted by the British Council of Industrial Design and exhibited round the world.

The 1950’s and 60’s saw continued growth and prosperity for the company. However the continued success with traditional materials meant that it was slower to adopt the new composite materials which were starting to be utilised in the manufacture of fishing rods. As a consequence, whilst Sharpes was always highly regarded manufacturer for quality of materials and workmanship, it lost its world leading position. This was a bitter blow but it had the effect of galvanising the company into both utilising the new materials like carbon etc and looking for the next significant advance in materials so as to ride the new wave rather than be left behind. 
As a direct result of this forward thinking, Sharpe’s has developed its Reactor range which utilises Curran®, a high performance composite which is both lighter and tougher than carbon. We will continue to deliver several ranges of our all carbon rods, the Gordon 2, the Plus 3 and the Belmont, and continue to produce our award winning nets.

The management team now comprises Don Mackenzie (who joined in 1987), and two highly qualified materials scientists; Dr. David Hepworth and Dr. Eric Whale. Both Eric and David are passionate fly fishermen and studied for Ph.D’s at Reading University. They held a number of positions in both academia and industry before giving in to their passion for the sport and joining Sharpes to head up the Reactor development. Other vital members of the team include Murray Begg – Operations manager, Esther Peiró – Chief Engineer and Peter Smith- Dispatch Controller. 
Our own passion for fishing means that we understand your needs and are dedicated to ensuring you will receive the best performance that modern technology can bring together with the highest quality of service.  

Sharpe’s of Aberdeen, leading edge precision that’s affordable….
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